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Cat Friendly Practice

When designated as a CFP, veterinary clinics have proven they have taken specific extra steps to assure they understand a cat's unique needs, have implemented feline-friendly standards, and have made changes to decrease stress and provide a more calming environment, such as feline-only waiting areas or exam rooms..."

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Welcome to Prescott Valley Pet Clinic

The best care for your best friend.

At Prescott Valley Pet Clinic, we deliver excellent veterinary medicine in a caring manner while providing outstanding client service and enhancing the lives of pets, their families, and members of our community. Practice owners Dr. Dana Frank and her husband Rick Frank are committed to providing an excellent facility for our team members to provide the best care possible to our patients. Our doctors’ combined training represents four different veterinary schools with special interests in many areas of veterinary medicine. Through individualized personal service to each client, we treat every pet as our most important patient.

Spotlight: Senior Health Screening

Is your four-legged best friend a senior “pet”-izen?

It may be time for their senior screening.

As your pets reach 7 golden years of age, they’re more likely to develop health  problems. Bi-annual senior screenings with their veterinarian can catch potential problems early, allowing your pet’s health care team (That includes you!) to keep your senior “pet”-izen at the highest possible quality of life. During September and October, we highlight the importance of senior screening, and do our best to make it easier to budget by offering discounted Senior Screenings at a 10-15% discount.

What can you expect from your pet’s senior screening?  Check out the discounted screening options below, and choose the one that’s right for your senior “pet”-izen.

Senior Screening
10% Savings + Free Nail Trim
Comprehensive Senior Screening
 15% Savings + Free Nail Trim

 - EXAM -
In the nose to tail senior exam, your vet will palpate your pet’s organs for tangible abnormalities, check weight, temperature, teeth and gums, skin, ears, heart rate, and eyes. They’re happy to discuss any concerns you have with things you’ve noticed at home.
Urine is an important marker for measuring health.  It helps the vet understand your pet’s hydration level and overall health of urinary tract, kidneys, and   bladder. In addition to screening for urinary tract infections, it provides indicators for other important things like glucose regulation.
Bloodwork  provides critical insights for your vet.  Senior bloodwork  screens for things common as our pets age, like renal disease, liver disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, or abnormalities from long term medication use.  
 - X-RAYS -
An x-ray checks for arthritis, evidence of internal masses, intestinal blockages, and bone abnormalities. Think of it as a skeletal screening.
This lets us know if your pet has high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to blindness, disorientation, internal bleeding, and damage to  internal organs. It is often caused by other diseases like hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, diabetes, and Cushing’s disease. Blood pressure can return to normal once these other diseases are treated. Medications can help  high blood pressure, and if your pet is diagnosed with this condition, your pet should be tested every few months to ensure the condition is properly controlled.  

                           AAHA Accredited

"What does accreditation mean? It means your hospital holds itself to a higher standard, and that your pet is receiving care at a hospital that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care..." Learn more >>

                          Community Involvement

Support for local rescue foundations
Free first exam for new Yavapai Humane Society adoptions
Annual canned food drive supporting Yavapai Food Bank
Local event participation
Proud sponsors of the Prescott Valley Little League

More Options When the Unexpected Happens

We know it's hard to be prepared for every situation, especially one where your furry family members need medical treatment. We've partnered with Care Credit and Scratchpay to give you more options when the unexpected happens. Click on either of the logos below to learn more.

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  • "Best staff & doctor in the world. My buddy Bruiser was in pretty bad shape they worked into the night doing surgery. Will never go any where else"

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dana Frank
    Medical Director

    Dr. Dana Frank grew up in Los Angeles, California but always wished she was in the country. Always knowing she wanted to be a veterinarian, Dr. Frank started walking dogs as a kid and then got her first veterinary assistant job at age 14. She attended U.C. Davis and received a bachelors of science in international agriculture development.

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  • Sandra Rogers

    Dr. Rogers was born in Bisbee, Arizona. While in eighth grade, the death of her cat influenced her decision to become a veterinarian. She attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology. After NAU she attended Colorado State University graduating as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

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  • Sarah Glenn

    Dr. Sarah Glenn was born and raised in beautiful Traverse City, MI. After high school she attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate studies in Zoology. 

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  • Dawn Hunsberger

    Dr.Hunsberger grew up in the mid-Atlantic United States where she went to undergrad in Pennsylvania, followed by graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.

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  • Julianne Hoult

     Dr. Hoult is an Arizona native and feels very fortunate to have grown up in beautiful Prescott, AZ with a menagerie of dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets. Her interest in veterinary medicine developed at a young age, inspired by the desire to help animals in need and a passion for science

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